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Sim Nastya Kliment'evna, master degree student, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, p. 1, 5 2nd Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail:
Serganov Aleksey Dmitrievich, student, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, p. 1, 5 2nd Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail:
Sergeeva Natal'ya Alekseevna, assistant, sub-department of design and production technology of electronic equipment, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, p. 1, 5 2nd Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. This article is devoted to the development of methods of structuring quality functions (QFD) for electronic equipment on the example of improving the anti-noise headphones. The main attention is paid to the study of the consumer's wishes in the improved product-headphones. Headphones were chosen as the object of the study, as they have a wide group of consumers, a lot of possible technical characteristics to be improved, and the market is saturated with different samples.
Manufacturers focus on di-zine, sound quality, compactness and convenience, price and versatility in a variety of ways. In this area, it is quite difficult to create a new unique product that can compete with monopolistic firms. The aim of this work is to identify the ideal combination of characteristics of headphones using the method of structuring the quality function, which can be created by a potential manufacturer.
Materials and methods. To determine the key characteristics of the product, the method of Internet survey of a group of people with feedback was used. In the test offered to potential customers, it was necessary to assign priorities to various characteristics of headphones, it was proposed to describe the best headphones that they have ever had, choose in what conditions they most often listen to music and give an adequate assessment of the cost of the product that has all the selected characteristics. The results were ordered and studied.
Results. The "House of quality" is presented, based on the basic characteristics, each of which is assigned an assessment of importance as a result of the received answers. The directions of improvement of these characteristics and dependences between the requirements and the characteristics of the product. Based on the degree of importance and decisions, a schedule of technical evaluation of the product was presented.
Conclusions. The key feature of the majority of users considered the quality of the audio signal headphones. After quality users appreciated the compactness and monolitnosti and the design evaluated in the same way. The proposed solutions are product improvement, the use of several groups of developers, the preparation of automatic production and the development of a new model. 

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QFD, Quality House, headphones, quality, sound quality, quality control 

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